Sunday, March 14, 2010

Buying Piano

If you would like to buy piano, you may like to see the Complete Guide Piano Buying from are many Piano Brand . You may view this Guide which may be useful for you. If you like to play piano, you may be interested to look around shops which sells piano. It is real fun of having a piano in your house. There are several brand name of Piano. You may purchase a brand new piano,  but you may also buy a second hand piano. 

If you enjoy playing piano it is really fun to spare 1 to 2 hours practicing and exercising playing piano. You can express your feelings by playing songs through your piano. You can start learning piano by autodidact ( learn by yourself)  or learn with a piano teacher. It really depends upon you. You may buy books relating to Independent Piano Teacher's Studio Handbook.  

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The interesting things of  Piano, is that all the notes can be seen in the surface of the piano, where there are the black ones and the white ones. You shall have to combine such notes with your right and left finger hands. There is the major sound  and there is the minor sound. 

I experienced learning to play piano by myself when I stayed in a student house where there was one available piano.  I start learning myself how to combine the notes in the piano and really practice by myself playing such piano. Of course it is better if you have a teacher which can teach you how to play. Once you can combine and play such piano by doing and practicing your piano at least 1 hour everyday, you then start enjoying playing such piano

You can just play the piano by expressing your feelings through playing such piano. If you happen to have a keyboard in your house you can set the available menu on such keyboard which reads Piano sound. Well it is really enjoyable to play piano where you have the freedom to play any kind of song you want.  If you feel stress you may ease your feelings by playing piano. After playing your fingers in the piano and play whatever song you like to play with putting all your feelings with your heart you will be most relaxing and feel the comfort after playing such piano.          

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Business Music Instruments

One of the business which has its market is  Business Music Instruments.Click Here! Every person needs entertainment. By listening to music people can changed their feelings depending upon the mood during the time they listen to the music.If  a person  is happy, he feels that his heart is singing and when he listens to the music, he feels that the music is responding to his heart.

If the person is not in the good mood,  then he feels that  music is against him. So even the sound of the music is a happy lyric, such person  may perceive  that the sound of the music is an anger sound.  Thus, music is actually the feelings  and conditions in  your heart. If you are a musician, you can express your feelings  through  the  music instruments that you are playing. Music can be heard through radios, CD, Caskets , MP3.  Based on the above there are many shops who sells music instruments to accommodate the needs of the person who likes to play music. 

From the news media concerning music, we understand that there are the ups and downs of demands upon the music instruments. You may have  the experienced buying a package of music instruments which consists of drum, and guitar.You may  also made a small music room in one room at your  house, to accommodate the needs of your Children. You may desire to buy KeyBoard with the  Brand of Roland JUNO-G 63 Key. This Roland Brand is really  good brand. This brand is known all around the world    When you are in the mood of playing Keyboard  it is really enjoyable playing this Keyboard instrument. You can set  the sound of instruments that you like to elect.  As long as ther is music  there may always be  many Keyboard instruments that you elect tp buy. Business of music instruments will always be there as long as the person needs listening and playing music.At Jalan Arteri Pondok Indah and  Jl.Fatmawati you may found several Music Gallery Shops.

There are several brand names of the music instruments. As long as we love music,  music instrument business will be good for the Sellers of such music Instruments. We understand from the media news that even though all the shops offer music instruments, the concept adopted by the shops differs one to the other. The Image of the shops are also been established by the shops in selling the brand name of such music instruments. The staffs who serve the services has to be equipped with music instruments knowledge. The names of the music instruments which are well known,  can be more easy to be sold,  since the customers knows the quality of such music instruments. 

The competition are quite high between the music instruments shops.At the end of the day, if you love music you don't care upon the brand of such music instruments, because what you love is the music itself and not the brand.So keep your music spirit high and good luck. Have a nice day and don't forget to listen to the sweet sound of musics to ease your stress.

Music Makes you alive

Yes by listening to music you will feel alive. There are the sounds of waters drops, the sounds of the winds The birds are also making nice sounds especially in the morning when the sun starts to rise there also sounds of crickets in the night.Well every sounds in this world may inspire you that live is really wonderful and nice to be absorbed.Music is part of your life. When you listen to a music you tend to connect it with some memories which is triggered by the sound of such music.There is also sounds of silence life will be dull without music

By listening to such sounds you will then start to be interesting in learning Musical Instruments. You may try to play guitar. Or you may choose Violin or piano. It is mater of time that you start electing on the Musical Instruments that you like to learn and play around with.

Or you may start encouraging your children to learn music. It really depends upon them. If your child likes to play guitar there are many school music and music teacher who can teach your children.  You can try to purchase the Complete Colored Coded Flash Cards available at Amazon. 

Music really makes your life enjoyable. However you have to remember to say your prayer besides playing your Music or listening to the Guitar of your friend.  You can start exploring you inner feelings through the sound of music. You can express your spiritual feeling through music.  

    Playing Key boards

    It is fun if you want and can play keyboards. There are many types of keyboards and there are lots of Keyboard Brands around town. There is the Yamaha Brand and there is the Orland Brand. Whatever the brand is you have to practice playing your key boards everyday at least 1(one) hour a day to be acquainted with your key board. If you like to shop around dand purchase such Yamaha Brand Key Personal Keyboard you try to purchase it from There are many types of Yamaha that you can select.  But remember to try it first and there will usually be a Guarantee issued by the manufacture.     
    You may also try to look at the Casio KeyBoard. This all depends upon you upon which Brand do you want to purchase.  The important thing is that if you love to play music especially keyboards, you have to put your full heart and feeling in playing such Key Boards. 
    You can play Jazz Music, or even semi classical music through such Keyboards. By playing such keyboard you will release you stress and music will also be sort kind of therapy to yourself. You can express your feelings through playing the Keyboard.

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    The first thing is that you have to love and enjoy playing such Keyboard you will then become interesting and will try with your best efforts tp play it with all your hearts and feelings. The Power and strength of the Music  will be there. It will come out of your heart which shall then be expressed through your fingers by playing such Key Board. You can also play you own endless never ending  music. 

    Wednesday, October 28, 2009

    The Sound of Nature

    Its rather quite a while that I had not visited my Music Blog, well at least I still remember that I have this music blog so that I can write my thoughts about music when I feel I wanted to write. You must not force yourself  writing this blog if you are not in the mood,  because your writing must flow swiftly  like the Sound of  Nature. Even the winds have their sounds and also the water and the rain.
    • If you are worried with your self you must remember that even the silent of the nights may have some sort of music sound. It's just like the sound of the winds and waves when you are in the beach, you can hear the water waves splashing to the edge of the sea and the sound of the wind which makes the leaves of coconut trees also breeze.
    Well, the sound of the birds are also nice to hear when you are walking early in the morning,  where there are some kind of trees where birds like to hop and stay in such tress and makes the birds voices sound  so beautiful, and   makes your heart feels pleasant and start singing together with the birds to welcome the fresh air of the morning around 6 o' clock in the morning. The sound of Nature is really exiting to be listen by us. We are part of the Nature and can integrated ourselves with Sound the nature.

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    We have to be sensitive and close to the Creature to capture the Sound of the Nature. It is a spiritual feeling which is inside of you. You can learn from the Sound of Nature to be sensitive with the surroundings of  your neighborhood. You can purchase the Sound of Nature ( MP3) from Amazon. com

    You will be amazed with the Sound of Nature which will inspired you to be close to the Nature of Life. Life Cycle is interesting to be explored. It has to be explored with your spiritual inner feelings. You have to be clean in your mind and heart to noticed the Sound of Nature. The water Flow is really comforting to listen. The water falls and Rain water is also relaxing to be listened by us.  If you are close with the Nature you will start listening to the Sound of Nature. 

      Wednesday, May 13, 2009

      Explore your inner strenght through Music

      • Playing music can make you feel relieve from your stress
      • you can explore your deeper inner strenght
      • If you are working very hard you then need some break from your burdensome work
      • just put your music on in your computer
      • sound it loud and continue on working
      • this really works for me and I believe can also work for you
      • so do not waste your time if you feel overloaded with your work one of the method is listening to music
      • ok see you
      • Jakarta, May 13,2009
      • Agung Supomo Suleiman
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